Agapanthus and Other Plants


'Tarka' - Available to buy online


Agapanthus  Specialist Nursery
Pine Cottage Plants  is a small nursery overlooking the Taw valley in rural mid Devon, England. We have specialized in growing and selling  Agapanthus,  for the past seventeen years, and have held  a UK National Collection here at Eggesford since 1997.
From now on  we will retain a National Collection of Pine Cottage named cultivars only, for Plant Heritage. The collection will be on display during the summer months, so do come along and look around.

Growing Agapanthus  We had a very good season for growing Agapanthus last year, the long days of sunshine in 2013 were wonderful for producing abundant flowers and strong plants. Our weather here in Devon is still relatively mild for this time of year, so we have not needed to put any fleece on the plants in the tunnels at all. Long may this continue. Now that March 2014 is a few days away we are beginning to see the Agapanthus shoots starting to show in the pots, so Spring is nearly hear. We have had our first customers visiting the nursery, this means the warm sunshine is making them think about their gardens.

Nursery Opening Times
The nursery is open most of the year Mon - Sat, 10.00am -- 4.30pm but please do contact us first to check, because we might be away from the nursery and don't want our customers to be disappointed on arrival.

Retail Orders

We are able to send out plants most of the year apart from August when the flowers are on high stems and impossible to pack up.  Do have a look in the shop and see the selection still on offer most in 2L pots ready to flower in the season you receive them.
Orders received will be held on file and we will contact you by e-mail to arrange dispatch and payment.

Agapanthus mixed seeds

We are offering packets of fresh mixed Agapanthus seed @ £2.00 each, postage free. Just e-mail us with the number you require

Gift Tokens

A gift of plants is such an easy way to give pleasure to a friend or family member so why not give a Gift Token that can be exchanged for the most suitable Agapanthus in the Spring of 2014 for flowering in the following Summer months.


'Purple Emperor' - Available to buy online
Blue Ice

Agapanthus 'Blue Ice' - Available to buy online


Taw Valley

Agapanthus 'Taw Valley' - Available to buy online

Liam's Lilac

Agapanthus 'Liam's Lilac' - Available to buy online

Agapanthus 'Indigo Dreams' - Available to buy online

Northern Star

Agapanthus 'Northern Star' - Available to buy online

Watsonia Pillansii

Watsonia pillansii - Available to buy online

Pine Cottage Catalogue
Our current catalogue contains a descriptive list of  Agapanthus, together with details on cultivation in the open ground and in pots. It also shows many pictures to help you with your choice. A list of other plants offered is available on request. May I suggest you try our latest introductions now available , 'Eggesford Sky', 'Lyn Valley', 'Indigo Dreams', 'Purple Fountain', 'Summer Days', 'Taw Valley', ' Wembworthy', 'Peter Franklin' and of course 'Northern Star', our best cultivar to date, raised in our nursery and proving excellent as a hardy, border perennial. We also offer a good form of caulescens that is deciduous, with broad attractive leaves.

Other Plants Available in 2014  We offer many other plants apart from Agapanthus such as Lapageria rosea, Meconopsis 'Lingholm' & Tulbghia 'Purple Eye'. Have a look at the pictures in the Plant Shop. You will have to scroll to the end of the list to find these.

If you would like a complete list of all the plants we offer that are not on line then please e-mail us at

Rhododendron  Species available

To see our list of species go to the shop and type in NAME Rhododendron then SEARCH. You will be given a full list of those available now or scroll through the full list to R.

Buying Our Plants
Plants can be ordered with a printable form, or online in the Plant Shop. ( Our Form says add £8 for up to 30 kg but I am sorry to say all shipping costs have risen in the past two years so you will need to add £12 in 2012.) They can be dispatched by mail order, or collected at the nursery. Spring is the best time for plants dispatch, but we can send at any time of year.  When you order we will contact you to discuss payment details and
dispatch arrangements. Sorry we do not ship to the USA.

click here to enter plant shopWhen you go to the shop just click on the picture of the plant you want and it will then give you the colour, size, available, cost etc.




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  16 Apr 2014